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Free Standing Bin Liner Holders
  • Ideally suited for areas where basic sack holders are required and fire risk is minimal.
  • Available in 70L and 90L capacities.
Part No. Description Capacity Price
RHP 7470 Free-Standing Bin Liner Holder 70 L €110.80
RHP 7490 Free-Standing Bin Liner Holder 90 L €111.40

Front Opening Bin-Liner Bin
  • Front opening door for easy bin-liner removal and easy cleaning and sterilisation.
  • Lid is hands-free, operated by foot-pedal only, reducing cross-contamination.
  • The lid also features dampered, silent closing.
  • Double axle wheels provide easy movement.
  • Corrosion-resistant and fire tested.
Part No. Description Capacity Price
RHP 7370 Front Loading Bin, Hands-Free Dampered Silent Closing 70 L €247.50

Solid Bin-Liner Bins
  • Sturdy, foot operated bin-liner bins, designed for industrial and clinical waste in factories, labs, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Corrosion-resistant and fire-tested.
  • Standard bins come in 70L and 90 L sizes and come with double axle wheels.
  • A 20L, hands-free, foot-opened only bin is also available, reducing cross-contamination risks, this bin also features dampered, silent closing and will not bang or make noise when shutting.
Part No. Description Capacity Price
RHP 7220 Solid Body Bin, Hands-Free Dampered Silent Closing 20 L €165.50
RHP 7270 Solid Body Bin 70 L €157.80
RHP 7290 Solid Body Bin 90 L €158.80

Stainless Steel
Cleanroom Bins
  • Cleanroom compatible construction.
  • Round models come complete with a vinyl base ring to protect floors and reduce noise.
  • Square models feature a hinged lid restraint mechanism to protect walls and equipment and steel legs with nylon buttons to protect floors.
  • All bins are supplied with a rigid, plastic liner.
Part No. Description Size x Height Capacity Price
UR ST3SS Round Step Bin (A) 11" Dia. x 17" 3.5 Gal. €112.30
UR ST7SS Sq. Step Can (B) 12" Sq. x 17" 7 Gal. €173.00
UR ST12SS Sq. Step Can (C) 12" Sq. x 23" 12 Gal. €220.00
UR ST24SS Sq. Step Can (D) 15" Sq. x 30" 24 Gal. €310.00
UR ST40SSW Sq. Step Can (E) w. Wheels 19" Sq. x 30" 40 Gal. €526.00

Wire Frame Sack Holder
  • Sack holder, 900mm high and 550mm diameter.
  • Holds all refuse sacks up to 90 Litres.
Part No. Description Price
RHP 7420 Wire Frame Sack Holder €21.50

Yellow Refuse Bags
  • Yellow refuse bags, 280g weight.
  • Available in plain or printed with: “CAUTION Handle with Care”
Part No. Description Size Case Qty. Price
RHP 7984 Yellow Refuse Bags – Plain 26" x 44" 200 €45.40
RHP 7950 Yellow Refuse Bags – Printed 19" x 30" 200 €31.90


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