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Rely 88 Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap
  • Anti-bacterial, white liquid soap.
  • Supplied in 1 litre cartridges, for use in many soap dispensers, or 5 Litre containers.
Part No. Description Size Unit Price
RHP 8690 Rely 88 Anti-Bacterial Soap 1 Ltr  1 €3.00
RHP 8695 Rely 88 Anti-Bacterial Soap 5 Ltr  1 €8.40

Sanitising Hand Gel
  • Quick acting and highly effective alcohol based disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses.
  • Contains an effective moisturiser to leave hands smooth and dry.
  • Handy, hygienic 500ml pump dispenser unit or bulk 5 Litre container also with pump.
Part No. Description Size Price
RHP 8680 Sanitising Hand Gel 500ml €5.20
RHP 8685 Sanitising Hand Gel 5 Ltr €36.20

Cleansing Soaps, Lotions and Gels, Dispenser Unit
  • Five product types in 800ml pouches;
  • RHP 8562: Luxury fragranced skin cleanser for use in most commercial applications. Contains skin emolients and is Ph balanced for mild gentle cleansing.
  • RHP 8564: Unfragranced anti-bacterial skin cleanser containing a proven biocide, Irgasan DP300. Contains skin emolients and is ph-balanced for effective gentle cleansing in hygiene sensitive areas such as food processing applications.
  • RHP 8566: Sanitising hand gel. Alcohol based. Rapid action, highly effective, moisturising, non tainting, no need to rinse with water. Prevents cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria in hygiene critical environments such as medical or food processing applications.
  • RHP 8568: Unfragranced and non-tainting for universal skin protection. For use in both wet and dry work situations. Regular use helps protect and moisturise the skin.
  • RHP 8569: A pleasantly fragranced, ph-balanced all-over body wash lotion. Creates a mild, yet rich cleansing lather. Ideal for most areas of commerce, care and industry.
  • Hygienic soap dispensing unit for above.
Part No. Description Size Case Qty Price / Case
RHP 8562 Pink Perfumed Pearlised Liquid Skin Cleaner 800ml  6 €23.40
RHP 8564 Anti-Bac White Un-Fragranced Liquid Skin Cleaner 800ml  6 €23.60
RHP 8566 Sanitising Hand Gel - Alcohol Based Sanitising Gel 800ml  6 €37.70
RHP 8568 Un-Fragranced Skin Protection Lotion 800ml  6 €41.50
RHP 8569 White Fragranced Body Wash 800ml  6 €29.50
RHP 8560 Soap Dispenser Unit


  • Versatil e and effective fluid cleaner for vehicles.
  • Dilutes 6:1 with water.
  • Applied manually or with a steam cleaner.
  • Phosphate free and safe on paintwork
Part No. Description Unit Price
RHP 8865 VehiClean 25 Litre €45.00


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